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  • We will upload your company details to 5 e-commerce giants. So that your products will be sold quickly.
  • We will upload your products to these websites (10 max)
  • We will customize all the requirements including linking your bank details. So that the money will be directly credited to your account.
  • Customers will directly contact you.

₹ 3,000  ₹ 5,000

How to Sell Online?

For each and every retailer, agent or any individual, their craving is to sell their items and services on the web. They generally feel that selling on the web will bring them more business. These days it has become favored method for working because of the way that the reach of the web is enormous. Furthermore, reaching the clients will be simple and quicker.

Each nuke and corner of the world uses web. It has gotten normal for individuals utilize their cell phone, PC or their PC to arrange their items and services sitting at home. In this way, this has given a colossal open door for agent to offer their item to greater land space.

With organizations like Amazon, eBay, FlipKart, Alibaba and so forth arriving at the item to the person who dwells in a remote zone is incredibly conceivable. Prior it was a major worry for the agent to send the item to the customer who stays in the remote area. With these organizations it has become simple that they deal with the delivery and installments. We have to pay them an ostensible charge and they will give a stage to sell.

The other method for selling items online is to make a site for you/your organization and show case your items there. At the point when your client visits your site and truly needs to purchase the item/administration they can buy it.

Building up your site benefits your business marking. However, you may not reach to clients that effectively because of the explanation that individuals won’t know your site. You may do an awesome Search Engine Optimization to contact the individuals. In spite of the fact that it takes some time, with great advancement you can contact individuals inside certain period.

On the other side, with individual site the expense of causing will to be progressively similar to you have to set up all pages, you have to coordinate the installment module, you have to introduce a transportation module, you have to have a stock administration like administrator and so on.

It is better plan to enroll with the internet business webpage like Amazon, eBay, FlipKart, Alibaba and so on like referenced previously. When you get the client make your own webpage and direct the client to purchase from your site.

Product Features

Products Online

We will set-up your products on the top e-commerce websites of the country.

Company Setup

We will set-up your company details so that you don’t have to do anything.

No need of Creating a Website for you

You don’t need to create a separate website for you and spend on creating them.

Shipping worries

You don’t need worry about shipping your product to customer. Since the e-commerce company will handle it.

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