Blackstone 36 Inch

Griddle Grill

Introducing the newer 36 inch Blackstone Classic Black model comes with new features to make Blackstone griddle grill even better

The Blackstone 36 inch unit has 720 square inches of grilling area, which is great for lunch, breakfast, supper and hot snacks. A cooktop big enough for parties or catering events! That said, the 4 adjustable burners make it possible to use just one or two burners when cooking for a single person.

It’s often thought that standard BBQ grills and barbecues make the best hamburgers. Blackstone believes just the opposite and once you use a Blackstone griddle you will be a believer from your first bite. Griddles aren’t just for breakfast foods and stir-fry! Cook everything from steak to chicken and fish to vegetables. When cooking on this flat top not only do you retain all the flavor and juices in your food but you can still get that sought after crisp wherever preferred.

The 36 inch Classic Black model features a bottom shelf, side shelf and another NEW side rack giving the user a removable cutting board, convenient paper towel holder, as well as purposefully positioned garbage bag hooks. 

 This model has four separately regulated fifteen thousand BTU stainless-steel burners that generates a total of Sixty Thousand BTUs with low to high control choices. These create 4 Adjustable heat zones that makes for a versatile cooking surface where you can cook several foods at once and not burn a thing! Also allowing the option to keep certain foods warm while others cook. Whether you are cooking for your family or the whole neighborhood, this griddle has you covered. 4 solid stainless steel burners allow you to set 4 different cooking zones. Ultimate versatility to cook any meal you desire. 

 The Blackstone Classic Black  grill is manufactured to be a long lasting cooking unit with a powder covered Black Steel framework and stainless-steel burners.

 You can wheel the grill around your backyard or transport it from your yard to the campground thanks to the detachable grill top. You can fold up legs with 4 commercial toughness wheels. Secure footing with 4 industrial strength, caster wheels provide easy movement from place to place. When you have it where you want it, lock the two locking caster to keep it in place.

Replace your present grill with a Blackstone griddle grill and you will never ever look back!

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Eliminate the troubles you might experience with kerosene, charcoal and wood. Get Started Quickly No fuss ignition. Electric push button igniter for a fast start every time.


  • Easy assembly, and quick ignition button.
  • 720 Square inch grilling area.
  • Four high to low control choice stainless-steel burners rated at 15,000 BTUs.
  • Total BTU rating of 60,000 BTUs.
  • Grease drain.
  • Griddle top is easily removable
  • Four independently controlled burners with low to high temperature settings provide versatile cooking options
  • Four industrial strength, caster wheels (two are lockable)
  • Thick Rolled Steel surface for excellent heat retention and distribution
  • Long lasting cooking unit with a powder covered Black Steel framework

5 Start Reviews

Outstanding griddle for the money….an outstanding value

Perfect for Mongolian BBQ….This has hands down been my favorite purchase in a long time!

This is the best thing to ever happen to me